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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Twahna


I am a summer organizer because I’m in it to win it.

I came from an ordinary background. I worked hard. I went to college and ran into some stumbling blocks, but I went back to school and finished. I went on and worked toward the American dream: owning my own business. Everyone deserves to have the opportunity to achieve the American dream.

Over the pass three weeks as a summer organizer, I have had the pleasure of speaking to some wonderful supporters. The stories they tell are moving, heart-felt and inspiring. They’re America’s stories. They’re the stories that get me out of bed every morning.

I spoke to Harvey from rural Zachary, Louisiana not long ago. He’s a third generation union worker. He’s big on President Obama’s energy policy, and what he did one day was install a solar panel in his front yard and replace his appliances for energy efficient ones. As a result, he saved a lot of money, especially for this tough economy. He credits President Obama’s leadership in energy policy for that.

I can tell that Harvey’s roots and the direction that the country is going are important him. The middle class is an American foundation, but now we have the other side trying to take that away. Harvey believes that President Obama is the right man to protect the middle class, has a good heart, and he is going to keep the country going in the right direction.

Recently, I also spoke to a nice lady about healthcare reform. Because healthcare reform makes it possible for her children to stay on her health insurance, she is now able to afford college tuition for her children and allow them to pursue their own dreams.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams. You work hard, get your head in the books, roll your sleeves up and contribute to the community. It’s the American dream. It’s the American story.

I am fired up, excited, engaged and driven to make sure President Obama wins in 2012.

Twahna is a summer organizer based in Zachary, Louisiana. She is excited to be part of the team, and we are glad to have her. On Twitter? Follow the work of our summer organizers now.

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