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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Rachel P.

Rachel P. loves her job.

"This is more than just a summer internship. For me, this is about something much bigger. It's about securing a prosperous future for generations to come, and that starts with getting President Obama elected in 2012 and helping other Democrats up and down the ballot."

Rachel is one of North Texas' Summer Organizers in charge of mobilizing the grassroots movement for President Obama and other Democrats in Collin County. Even before the Summer Organizer program kicked off June 6, Rachel was no stranger to organizing.

"I began interning with Organizing for America in early March and instantly fell in love with field organizing," Rachel said. "When the Summer Organizer program began accepting applicants, I did not hesitate to submit my application."

As a full-time Summer Organizer, Rachel holds one-on-one meetings with potential volunteers in her area, takes part in tri-weekly Summer Organizer calls and webinars, and makes over 300 volunteer recruitment calls per week.

"I believe that being a part of the Summer Organizer program provides some of the greatest and most enlightening experience a person can attain," she said. "This is where all the magic happens. All of the President's most momentous legislative achievements could not have been accomplished without the tireless work of our neighborhood teams and dedicated volunteers."

Rachel P. is in!

Rachel, who is pursuing a degree in political science at the University of Texas at Dallas, cites President Obama's 2008 election as the spark of her political aspirations and the volunteers in her area as her motivation to keep organizing.

"Every day I recruit a new volunteer, I feel a sense of accomplishment," she said. "Their energy and determination is a constant reminder of how much is at stake this election season."

As her weekly goals and responsibilities pick up, she is also proud of the grassroots growth in Texas.

"Two months ago, when I began interning, it seemed impossible to me that Texas would ever be able to make 3,000 volunteer recruitment calls in a week," she said. "And now look at us...stronger and more effective than ever!"

To keep track of Rachel and the campaign in Texas' achievements, click here.

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