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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Nora H.

As the fourth week of the Summer Organizer Program culminates, Nora H. from Westchester tells us how she came to be involved in the campaign and the work she has been doing.


Despite growing up in a liberal and politically active community, Nora didn't really want anything to do with politics or campaigning until a hopeful Senator from Illinois caught her attention. Since then, she hasn't turned back.

"I was so drawn to [then-Senator] Obama because he is an intelligent, engaging person who appealed to me and to an independent way of thinking."

The rising sophomore at Haverford College first learned about the Summer Organizer Program while sifting through her e-mails. Nora wasn't even sure what a Summer Organizer was—she just knew she wanted to use the opportunity to benefit as many people as possible.

In the last few weeks, Nora made many connections with supporters in her community. She was surprised to find that despite the presidential election being more than a year away, people want to help and are ready to get involved. 

Nora knows that the path to victory in 2012 will be different than the one taken in 2008, but she believes it will be an exciting experience for voters and for volunteers. This summer, she hopes to bring the President's supporters together to experience the political process as a group.

The key to building this campaign from the ground up in the Lower Hudson Valley and beyond is connecting with supporters. We want to learn your vision, and help you apply your skills to forward this campaign. The first step is contacting [email protected], so that we can connect you to organizers in your area.

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