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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Joseph V.

Joseph Im IJ

Summer Organizer Joseph V. is taking Tarrant County by a storm. Read about his experiences here.

My name is Joseph and I am a summer organizer in Tarrant County for the summer of 2011! I am proud to label myself a Democrat because of the stances this party has taken on clean energy and the environment, social justice, and economic fairness. I am also proud that this party believes there is a place for public services such as education and neighborhood activism and that is why I am here this summer! President Obama began his administration with a call for a day of action, for individuals to stand up and get involved in their neighborhoods and become community leaders. I see the 2011 summer organizer program as being the next step for me in the call to action.

I am proud to have been previously involved with the many campaigns. When I was first accepted to the Summer Organizer program I thought it would merely be another campaign to help elect another strong, progressive Democrat, just that Democrat would be the President of The United States. I have found that this internship is everything but another campaign. I signed up to be a part of a movement. I am here today because the 2012 campaign is allowing me to help people create activist communities in their own neighborhood. The networks I am helping create will allow people to connect with their neighbors and know who they need to contact and work with next time there is a problem to solve in their community.

This is about creating a stronger social network across our country. I am thrilled to be here everyday, knowing that what I do is making the world a better place!

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