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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Jamie D.

“I believe in the President’s commitment to tackling our nation’s problems in a fair and pragmatic way, his principles of justice and equality for all and his pledge to stay above the fray and elevate the political debate in our country.”

Jamie D. is a summer organizer in Fort Worth when he’s not tutoring or “attempting to play golf.” Through the program, Jamie is in charge of the grassroots movement of his turf in Tarrant County. Through one-on-one meetings, volunteer recruitment calls, and grassroots planning sessions, Jamie has learned a lot about campaigning.

“I saw messages for the program online,” he said. “I wanted to get first-hand knowledge of the skills that go into organizing as well as contribute to a cause I believe in. “

Jamie felt inspired recently when he had a successful one on one with a dedicated volunteer.

“I had a great 1:1 the other day where I talked to an inspiring woman who spends her spare time registering people to vote in her neighborhood,” he said. “She even goes the extra mile by offering to drive people to the DMV so they can get IDs and following up with them to make sure they show up at the polls. “

He also believes the campaign in Texas is going strong because “we are a very supportive group of people with strong, dedicated leadership."

Follow the progress of all of the Texas summer organizers and supporters on Twitter.

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