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Summer Organizer Spotlight: Adam S.


As a freshman in high school, Adam S. first started to become politically aware when his teachers in 2004 stressed the importance of the Presidential election between President Bush and Senator John Kerry. When Election Day came to a close, Adam vividly remembers his own parents’ disappointment after President Bush won his re-election.

As that awareness continued to grow in the years that followed, Adam did not feel that his country was progressing in a positive direction. He knew that there needed to be a change. During the 2008 primary season, Adam thought that Hillary Clinton would be the frontrunner, but he saw something special in then-Senator Obama. He saw President Obama as someone who could make the huge difference his country needed.

After the 2008 election, Adam—a student athlete at SUNY College at Oneonta—contributed to politics locally by volunteering for Michael Arcuri’s congressional campaign in New York’s 24th district. Through his work on that campaign, he discovered the impact his efforts can have and decided to commit himself to the world of politics.

It was the memories of working on Arcuri’s campaign that led Adam to apply to become a Summer Organizer. Now in his first few days of the program, Adam is already building relationships with volunteers in Astoria, NY through phone calls and one on one meetings. Adam’s efforts over the next two months will be aimed at developing strong neighborhood teams and encouraging members of the community to get involved with the 2012 campaign.

If you are interested in getting involved in your community like Adam, email us at [email protected] and be sure to check out the events happening across the state.

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