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Summer Organizer Diary 2011: What I Learned

Let’s jump back nine weeks to the beginning of the Summer Organizer Training Weekend. I was shy and scared in a room full of unfamiliar faces, an intimidating mixture of out-of-staters and local New Hampshirites like myself. We all left that training weekend feeling a whole lot more confident that we were capable of embarking on this organizing journey, the beginning of the journey to re-elect our President, as a part of the OFA family this summer.


And let me tell you, we did it. You can see it through the many blogs, twitter/facebook posts, incredible events, and hey, maybe one of us organizers even sat down and talked one-on-one with you! As a native to New Hampshire, I found the task of this summer to be extra-special. It was thrilling to go out into my own hometown to talk to my neighbors and friends about the 2012 campaign. No matter who I talked to, there was some common ground, whether it was our feelings about Barack Obama, the local NH government, or even where I go to school, or a mutual love for coffee. When you boil it down, our mission this summer was to just go out and talk to people, get them excited, and empower them to step up in their community. Every picture taken from this summer really is worth a thousand words—the words spoken with the individuals in those images who are working hard to reelect the President.


Most important to me are the memories of what I accomplished this summer, and the words I can use to describe them: rewarding, empowering, exciting, sometimes challenging, but mostly fun! And the list goes on. I found great friendships in many of my fellow organizers and volunteers, and I know that we will all keep in touch and continue inspiring each other as we move closer to the 2012 election. I’m sad that the summer is ending, but excited, too, for the Fall Fellows program to begin so that I can continue being a part of this great work. I hope you are inspired by my story, and I hope you will join me this fall!

Apply to be a Fall Fellow, and add your name to the long list of people who are ready, willing, and excited to be a part of this campaign. I know I am.

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