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Summer Organizer 2011 Spotlight: Sasha K. of Royal Oak in Her Own Words

I thought the Summer Organizer program would be a great way for me to become a part of my community and help with the progression of the Obama campaign. It is a great experience for me as I am about to step into the real world, in a way, as I am about to go off to college!

For me, President Obama really cares about the nation and its people. Health care is important to me, especially since my father suffered a major heart attack in 2006. Without his health care from GM it would have placed an immense burden on our family. As companies have been cutting back, many benefits have been lost to people that really need the help of health care. Obama's plan for health care is important to me because at some point I will no longer be under my parents' health care plan, and I may have a hard time with medical issues I may have in the future.

Sasha K.

Organizing is also a way for me to get other youth empowered to help with the campaign and learn about politics because it is our generation that is up and coming. Also, voter registration is important, especially with young people. And since I am one of the students turning 18 this year, I can better relate to them and help inspire them to register!

I am excited to be a part of this campaign and know I will learn a lot in the process. This is going to be one experience I am grateful to have, because I know it is pertinent that President Obama wins next year!

Are you interested in working with a Summer Organizer in Oakland County? E-mail Melissa Bernardi or call her at 586-764-3344.

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