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Summer Organizer 2011 Spotlight: Matt B of Washtenaw County, In His Own Words

I volunteered oddly enough through Facebook. While completing my first year of college I began to become more aware and invested in the current political situation of America, and finally decided that I wanted to truly do something about it. When I found the advertisement for a volunteer opportunity on my Facebook I signed up as quickly as I could.

Though always ready to talk and offer my opinions in the political spectrum, I had never truly taken action and the campaign has given me the opportunity to do that and so much more. Being a part of the Summer Organizing program has made me feel like an important part of the political process rather than a bystander. Without a candidate and leader as strong as the President I don't think I (or many others like me) would have been motivated to give our time.

The President is a leader with strong convictions and the staying power as an influential and historical figure and has more than convinced me to help him however I can into 2012 and beyond. I want you to be part of our effort to build this campaign. Interested? You can click here to let us know you want to get involved or click here to see what events are in your neighborhood.

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