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Summer Organizer 2011 Profile: Licia H.

Licia H. is excited to be IN for Obama 2012 and a part of our 2011 Summer Organizer Program. Over the next ten weeks, Licia will not only be engaging people in her community, she will also be learning the art of organizing.

Licia H

When asked why she supports President Obama she says,

“He has done some great things and I am really proud of his efforts in reforming Wall Street and the Student Loan Program. Too many people like me are affected by these systems. The President has really worked hard to make sure that we are protected, and I am very grateful for that!”

Pushing for Wall Street Reform was a major goal of the Obama Administration. The reform signed into law almost a year ago adds many critical consumer protections, holds Wall Street accountable, closes loopholes, and ensures American taxpayers will never again be on the hook for risky Wall Street practices.

Student Loan reform is a critical part to achieving the President’s goal of making sure the U.S. has more college graduates than any other country in the world. The reform eliminates wasteful subsidies to private banks and puts those funds back into student loans, invests in Pell Grants and minority-serving universities, and saves taxpayers billions over the next decade.

Licia and the 2011 Summer Organizer program will be a critical part of building an Obama 2012 campaign here in Michigan and we look forward to updating you on the progress of Licia and the entire 2011 class.

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