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Summer Organizer 2011 Profile — Dana B. of Detroit Is In for Obama 2012!

As part of our continuing commitment to spread the word and get people to be IN for Obama 2012, we are getting ready for our 2011 Summer Organizer program. Over the summer, Michiganders from across the state will not only be IN for Obama2012, they will learn the skills to empower and organize their communities around this effort.

Dana Summer Organizer

We are happy that Dana B. of Detroit is IN and ready to be trained as the next generation of community organizers. Dana B. is excited about the opportunity to organize on behalf of President Obama.

“President Obama is doing such a good job and we have to support him so that he can continue making sure that this nation gets back on the right track. I’m In and can’t wait to help with the Summer Organizer Program.”

You can be IN too and work with the next generation of organizers like Dana B. Interested? Click on the following link to tell us you’re IN!

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