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Summer Organizer 2011 — Adam C. Organizes the OC Before the Program Even Starts

As we prepare for our Summer Organizer 2011 program, some of our newest recruits are too excited to wait for our June 4th launch. Even before then, Adam C. has already taken off with a flash, having important conversations with supporters of President Obama and even setting up meeting times with people eager to engage their own communities in support of Obama 2012.

Adam OC

Being a Summer Organizer is not an easy road. It takes a lot of hard work, literally pounding the pavement, reaching out to every individual interested in supporting the changes that President Obama as worked so tirelessly to accomplish. It also means learning how to think, work, and empower like a true Community Organizer.

It is not a task Adam takes lightly.

“I believe there is a real need for a call to action in this country. We cannot sit ideally by, while hard working people suffer. The President is committed to the future of our nation and so, I am committed to helping in any way I can.”

The Summer Organizer will allow Adam to gain real experience, while taking an active role in his community and in the Obama 2012 “I’m In” movement. Adam is looking forward to the challenges of the coming months. He knows there will be thoughts that need persuading and cynicism to overcome. He also knows that the benefits are worth all the effort.

Adam has taken the steps to declare, “I’m In!” The question is, are you? If you want to join Adam in his efforts in Oakland County, your opportunity is a phone call away. Contact Melissa Bernardi at 586.764.3344 or or click here to let us know you’re IN for Obama 2012.

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