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Summer Fellowship Coming Up Soon!

I became involved with President Obamas' 2008 campaign because he was the first major presidential candidate with whom I could really identify. As the product of two immigrant families, I connected with his background and, like the President, feel that all that come to this country for safer and better lives for themselves and their children should be presented the same opportunities through education and entrepreneurship.


As a history major at Arizona State University I believe that at this juncture in our history we need a leader like Barack Obama that understands that you do not need to be born in this country to understand the importance of the American dream. That is why during this election I am proud to be an Arizona State Sun Devil for Obama. Many other students feel the way I do, which is why registering Young Americans to vote will be my way of contributing to the grassroots movement and turning Arizona blue. The Summer Fellowship is a great way to get involved, I applied, and so should you.

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