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Summer Fellow Training: our motivation and the work ahead


“Fired up, ready to go!”

Those words shook the building multiple times last week, as the 2012 Southern California Summer Organizing Fellows gathered in Los Angeles to begin a two-day weekend training.

For some of us, coming to training meant getting up at 5 a.m. and driving across the Southland from places as far away as Palm Springs and Santa Barbara. One Fellow even made it to training after spending the entire morning taking the SATs. While we all made different sacrifices to attend the training, we had one thing in common: each one of us showed up ready to spend the next 12 weeks working hard to organize California and re-elect President Obama.

Beginning at nine in the morning and lasting until six in the evening, each day was spent covering the ins and outs of organizing. From learning how to conduct a one-on-one meeting to practicing phone calls, every element of the training involved hard work and hands-on participation. In addition to the bevy of activities and long hours, the weekend revolved around sharing personal stories, and reaffirming our reasons for joining the campaign.

Some Fellows are still in high school. They are inspired by President Obama’s effort to improve education. Some Fellows are small business owners who have directly benefited from the President’s tax cuts for small businesses. Many Fellows are veterans, who have improved healthcare and job benefits as a result of this presidency.

We are a diverse group. While each of us is unique in terms of our age, occupation, and reasons for supporting President Obama, we are all united because every one of us has benefited from his policies.

Last weekend marked the beginning of a long summer of challenging work, but every Fellow left the training fired up and ready to go, because we know that this election depends on the actions and organization of ordinary people across the country.

Are you in Southern California? We will be here all summer, working hard to make sure President Obama is re-elected. But with Election Day less than five months away, we need you. Get involved today!

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