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"Students will be a central force again"

“You’re our new generation of leaders, and we’re stronger together than we could ever be on our own. So let’s do this.” - President Barack Obama

The accomplishments of our leaders last long beyond their tenure – and that’s why mobilizing young Americans around the accomplishments of the President all across Michigan will be so important in 2012. Today, students at the University of Michigan will be coming together for a summit to talk about the issues that matter most to them and how they can get involved with the campaign on campus. Adam W., a political science and economics major from Saginaw – is already fired up for 2012.

What’s going to matter most to students in Ann Arbor this fall?

“President Obama has made great strides in improving our nation’s – and Michigan’s – economy, but students are still worried about what comes after graduation. There’s no question that jobs and student loans will dominate the conversation here on campus. If the President continues to boost and diversify the economy for a strong job market, students here will stand behind him. Not to mention - we were honored to hear the President speak on campus in January, where he laid out a plan for keeping college affordable – before, during and after graduation.”

How do you plan to organize on campus?

“We will work closely with OFA and local representatives during the election cycle to ensure that students can participate in the campaign in various capacities. In the fall, we will make a strong push to register students to vote. In addition, we will be both canvassing and phone banking for the President and other Democratic candidates in our area.”

Follow all the action tonight at the #GreaterTogether and #MISummit hashtags on Twitter - and there's still time to RSVP.

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