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Twin Cities students take action

This week, President Obama took action to make college more affordable for students and borrowers in Minnesota who are struggling with student-loan debt. His action will help reduce monthly payments for over a million current college students - students like Meredyth K., an OFA-Minnesota supporter and sophomore at Augsburg College.

Meredyth and others at Augsburg College are concerned about being saddled with debt, and have heard their concerns echoed amongst her friends and fellow students. That's just one of the reasons why she supports President Obama and decided to take action this week. Join Meredyth and other students from around the Twin Cities this evening to phone bank for President Obama!

Because students cannot afford to wait for the Republican Congress to Act. Watch the President lay it out here:

Do you agree with the President's plan to help make college more affordable for students and families? Then join us this evening at 5:00pm at Augsburg College to phone bank for the President and support his efforts.

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