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Student volunteers go all out for Pennsylvania’s registration deadline

Philadelphia students registering voters

With Pennsylvania’s voter registration deadline less than a week away, the Drexel University team in Philadelphia is preparing to make the most of this weekend.

“I’m absolutely going to be out there all weekend registering voters. Voting is an important part of what makes our country great, and I want as many people as possible to be able to participate. Registering voters is also a lot of fun. It’s allowed me to meet a bunch of new people around campus who are as passionate about this election as I am.”

“I’m a freshman at Drexel this year and I started volunteering the day after I moved in. It’s important to me to register voters because I think it’s everyone’s duty to vote. When the election could come down to your state, you have to make sure you stand up for who you believe in. I believe in President Obama, and that’s why I’ll be out there this weekend.”

Join Chris, Elizabeth, and hundreds of other volunteers across the country by reminding your friends to register.

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