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Story #9: Elizabeth believes that those who work hard, deserve to be given a fair shot


“My work as a community jobs specialist brings a lot of different people through my door. Everyone has different story, a different reason for why they need financial assistance. It’s my job to support these people in finding work or finding a suitable route through education, that will help them reach a strong position for themselves.”

“I do this work because I care for those who need help getting out of a tough situation. No one is willing to work harder than a person who is committed to getting back to work. That's why Mitt Romney's comments, dismissing the 47% of the country who supposedly see themselves as 'victims,' were so disconcerting. Not only are a lot of the folks he was so quick to write off, retired people who've worked their whole lives, or active duty soldiers serving overseas, it completely glosses over how hard, the folks he views as 'dependent,' work to improve their lives."

"I see hard-working people lift themselves and their families out of incredibly difficult situations every single day. I think that if Mitt Romney was more familiar with the struggles of ordinary Americans who have to keep working to stay afloat, he would never have said something like that–let alone stand by the statement for weeks before claiming to have mis-spoken."

“I’ve always believed in people being given a fair shot. I still believe in the American Dream because I watch that dream get realized against all kinds of adversity, day-in-and-day-out. I support Barack Obama because I want to make sure opportunity remains available to everyone who's willing to work for it. That’s what living in America means to me. It’s a view I know President Obama shares and it’s why I’m supporting him this November."

"This country does better when we work together, when we understand the value of the common good, it’s how we are going to move forward. Forward under President Obama."

–Elizabeth, Concord, NH


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