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Story #7: Ray is working to fire up the Latino community for Election Day


"I'm fired up! I believe in President Obama and I believe he's the right choice for the Latino community. I feel like he's got my back. And my family's too. My mom benefits from Medicare and I worry about what Romney would do to dismantle the program. My niece was able to go to college because of Pell Grants, which President Obama has worked to increase. We all see the work he's done for the middle class these past four years.

"When I met the President here in New Hampshire, I told him I'd do everything I could to get him re-elected. I started with making calls and talking to Spanish-speaking voters. Now I'm canvassing here in Manchester, talking to small business owners and signing up new volunteers. If we all get out and vote, President Obama will win. That's why I'll be volunteering this weekend, making sure people vote next Tuesday!"

Get Out the Vote

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