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Story #6:Jocelyn supports Barack Obama because he understands the role women play in our economy


“As a member of the healthcare field, I’m shocked that the Republicans are trying to take us back to failed policies of the past. Policies that women fought against years ago. My generation fought to secure women's rights and now our children are at risk of having to start the same battle that we thought we had already won."

"I still struggle to understand how we allowed millions of Americans to live out their lives without the security of health coverage. It’s unacceptable that we weren’t providing basic, if not exceptional, healthcare to all Americans. The Affordable Care Act was the reform we needed to provide this basic human right to millions. To me, this alone, is reason enough to vote for the President. I'm already seeing how it improves the lives of people right here in New Hampshire and I’m committed to supporting what’s best for our country."

“When President Obama was presented a bill fighting for equal pay, it was the first thing he signed into law. When Romney was asked a question at a recent debate about pay equality, he gave a muddled anecdote about making sure women have flexible work schedules. I’m not looking for someone to preserve my right to make dinner. I appreciate that President Obama presents these issues as a whole because its not just a women’s issue -- it’s an economic issue. He understands how these things affect our everyday lives.”

- Jocelyn, Hanover, NH


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