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Story #5: Meg took a semester off of college to do all she can to reelect Barack Obama


Growing up, my mom taught me the importance and value of a strong education. Throughout high school I worked as hard as I could with the goal of getting into the best possible college. That's the deal right? If you work hard, get good grades, you can go to a great school. Well, when the acceptance letters came the reality turned out to be different. I got in to some great schools. But despite coming from a comfortable, solidly middle class background, my parents couldn't afford the tuition at the best schools I got into.

My parents have been saving for years to send my brother, sister and me to send us to college. And they taught us to work hard and value education–so they did their part. I had the academic record to get accepted to the places I wanted to go–I did my part. But the cost of tuition is prohibitive. At least in my situation, I still get to go. But this is a much more serious problem for people across the country with less financial resource. Those kids don't get to go to college at all. That's just not how it's supposed to work in this country. Education is the gateway to opportunity available to anyone willing to work for it–but it's quickly becoming available only to those who can afford it.

So this left me with a pretty clear choice. Either take action and get behind President Obama, who's been fighting to make college affordable again, or sit on the sidelines and just let whatever happens happen. I spent this past summer organizing in my hometown of Weare and then made the decision to take a semester off to see this campaign through. As a student, I feel like my future is at stake in this election. It's just too important.

- Meg, Weare, NH

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