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Story #47: Amanda Sims: "My daughter's future is on the line."

50 days amanda treated

Amanda Sims is from Bedford, where she works a nurse and raises her ten-year-old daughter, Emily. Amanda somehow finds the time to volunteer here in Manchester, and she and Emily immediately brighten up our office with their energy, and with Amanda's passion for re-electing the President.

Twenty-six years old and a single mom, Amanda understands better than most just how important a good education is to future success.

"Being a teenage mom brings some pretty real challenges, but I refused to let these shape who I am, who my daughter is and what it meant for our future. I put myself through college because I knew it was the key to a better life for both us. I had no choice but to accept the debt that came with a good education as just an inevitable part of the process."

President Obama has worked hard to help students pay for school—that's a big part of why Amanda is working so hard for him here in New Hampshire. He got banks out of the student loan industry and started a program so that students loan payments are always a manageable percentage of your income.

These are key first steps, because the President believes everyone should have access to the best possible education. The path we take on education in this election will determine whether or not moms like Amanda and kids like Emily can continue to afford high quality education.

"Emily goes to the best school in the area, and I'm going to do everything I can to keep here there, because I see from my own experience that a good education pays. I want the same for my daughter. Romney's vision for education worries me. Telling me that we may need to 'shop around' for a school that we can afford, regardless of what is the right school for her academically, is wrong. Being crossed out because your parents earn a lower income will ruin a generation."

"We're open about politics in our house; we talk about how important it is that we re-elect Barack Obama, and why we're involved in this campaign. It's her future on the line this fall, and I'm going to try my hardest to make sure it's a future we are happy with."

Commit your vote now and lets secure the future of our country together.


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