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Story #46: Ben, "I may not be able to vote but my future will still be decided at the polls in Nov."

50 days Ben treated

Our volunteers work tirelessly to do all they can to win here in New Hampshire. For most, the last step they'll take will be to cast their vote for President Obama on November 6th. But not all our volunteers will go to the polls this year–quite a few of them, like Ben, a senior at Hopkinton High School, work hard for the President but will never get to vote for him. At 17, he's one year too young.

But the fact that he can't yet vote isn't stopping him from participating. Quite the opposite, in fact.

“This election is so important to my future, and knowing I don't have an opportunity to voice my opinion at the polls is tough. But I found a way to have a voice that doesn't require you to be 18. I started volunteering because every person I talk to on the phone or on the doorstep could be another vote for the President, and a vote to secure a better future for me and my generation."

"My friends and I are the future of America and we need a President who is willing to invest in us. My education means everything to me, I'm excited about heading to college but I know I could have two very different experiences depending on November's outcome. President Obama supports me and I want a President who is looking out for my interests, who prioritises my education, my future and the future of our great country."

We need to secure the future of the next generation. Commit to secure their future today.


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