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Story #45: Hannah, “It's our responsibility to get out there and make sure our voices are heard"

50 daysHannah

Hannah is story number 45. A senior at Bow High School, Hannah has been volunteering with us since the spring. Like Ben, who we spoke with yesterday, Hannah will also not be able to vote this November because she too is 17. We are so inspired by these guys who come in each week making phone calls and knocking on doors because they know how crucial this election is for their future. So today, we want to share Hannah’s story with you:

“I'm helping out on this campaign because I want to give something back. I know the President has my interests at heart and I want to do what I can to ensure he is re-elected this fall. From ensuring college is affordable by increasing Pell Grant funding, removing banks as the middleman to keep the price of student loans down, through to healthcare and being able to stick on my parents' health insurance until I’m 26. I feel like I have a President in Barack Obama who wants to support everyone, whatever their background.”

“I’ve been inspired by how engaged young people are in the President’s campaign. I was only 13 in 2008 but I remember the buzz and excitement that surrounded the campaign--even just watching it on TV you could sense it. I knew that this was something I wanted to be a part of. After all, we are the face of the next generation and even though I can’t vote, I know that volunteering here ensures I have a stake in securing our future.”

“It's our responsibility to get out there, raise our voices, and make sure that political decisions are made with our future in mind.”

If you can vote this fall and are ready for four more years of moving forward, commit to vote right now.


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