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Story #43: Kevin, "I believe that access to health care is a fundamental right"

Kevin Gross

We're 43 days from the election day, and so we're sharing story number 43 in our series of the 50 stories you need to hear before you vote in New Hampshire. For those of you who've volunteered in our Lebanon office, Kevin probably needs no introduction--he's there all the time working hard to re-elect President Obama.

Kevin has been passionate about politics from an early age. When he got the chance to make a wish through the Make a Wish Foundation, Kevin chose to head to the White House to meet with President Clinton, he was just 10 at the time. It's safe to say that his trip to the White House has kept him inspired ever since.

His contribution here in New Hampshire has been indispensable, and his continued commitment is an incredible inspiration, as Kevin suffers from a rare medical condition and is legally blind.

“I believe that access to health care is a fundamental right. That's what it means to me. Being sick is hard enough to deal with on its own; the strain of the financial pressure that comes with it should be a burden no one must bear. The Affordable Care Act has relieved this added strain, and provided a safety net for millions of American families. I am so proud to have a President that finally had the commitment to see this through.”

“I don’t want a President who is happy to reverse all the progress we have made. How can we elect someone to the highest office who believes it’s OK to take away access to health care? I won't vote for that. I’m voting for President Obama because he believes that everyone has the right to a fair shot, and thinks of all of America before the wealthy few.”

Stand with Kevin behind a President who's got our backs. Commit to vote right now.

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