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Story #4: Emma supports Barack Obama because he's fighting for equality


I support the President because he's always made me feel as if he actually cares about human rights. President Obama has shown time again that he views everyone as equals. This is someone worthy of the office, which is what we deserve–it's what all Americans deserve.

This election is so important to me. I'm not old enough to vote, but I refuse to let someone else take away my stake in the future–a future that we all have to share. That's why I'm here volunteering. I can do more by talking to people about what's at stake here than I could just showing up on Election Day and casting my ballot. I really want people to understand just how important this election is to me–and to every other American.

This is not the kind of country that picks and chooses who gets what rights–and we certainly not going to be the kind of country that discriminates against people based on who they love. I think it takes a real coward to cave on something as fundamental as basic rights to get elected to office–and that's exactly what Mitt Romney's done. I don't see any strong convictions Romney holds that he doesn't mind abandoning based on the voting group he's trying to court. The one thing that's been consistent with him is commitment to make sure the wealthiest Americans get to play by a different set of rules than the rest of us. That's just not the value set I want to see in a president of the United States.

I couldn't be happier that I made the decision to walk into the Nashua field office–I've met some of the most amazing people I know here, and we're working together for a cause we believe in. It feels pretty awesome to stand up for what's right, to work for that goal every single day. That's why everyone who can, needs to get out and volunteer this weekend. This is too important to not to do everything we can.

When I wake up on November 7th, I want to know that Barack Obama will be my president for the next four years.

- Emma, Nashua, NH

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