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Story #31: Dave and Kim, a couple planning to knock on doors every weekend until the election

Dave and Kim

Today we're sharing a story from the road. It was beautiful today, so we headed to the Seacoast to chat with Dave and Kim, a couple out knocking on doors for the President. The pair moved to Portsmouth from Connecticut almost a year ago and love that politics is so clearly part of New Hampshire's DNA.

Here's Kim:

"I've been involved in the campaign here in Portsmouth since the primary season–it's such a great state to get involved in. It's so exciting during election time. People take their politics seriously here, and I really respect that. It's great to get a feeling of being a part of something momentous. I've been involved for so many months now, and I've never looked back."

Kim managed to persuade Dave to join her. Now they're an unstoppable door-knocking force on the Seacoast. Here's what he had to say:

"It took me a while to join Kim out on the doorstep, but as the election got closer I realized I needed to get involved. There's a lot on the line in November and I saw that Kim was really making a difference. Talking to voters is the best way to remind them of how much progress we've made since 2008."

"Romney always asks the same question, 'Are we better off now than we were four years ago?' The answer is a resounding yes! President Obama has definitely put us back on the right track and we'll be out canvassing every weekend until the election making sure we keep this country moving forward."

With just 5 weekends left, now's the time to get involved. Join a canvass in your area tomorrow to make a difference this November.

Commit to Volunteer

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