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Story #3:Working for a president who supports Chris and Rick's right to a future together

Rick and Chris


For us, this election is about the kind of future we will have together. President Obama has made both health care and marriage equality a priority, and for the first time ever, I feel like there's someone in office actually lookout out for us. Chris and I met 14 years ago and there isn't much we have't been through together. We're both HIV positive and there are a lot of different ways that's shaped our lives and our relationship; four more years of Barack Obama's leadership would give us a very different path forward than electing Mitt Romney and erasing all this progress would.


The next President will have some big decisions to make, from continuing to move forward on marriage equality, on access to health insurance, and how we continue to keep our economy growing. These are no small tasks. But there's also something else to consider, something Rick and I think about a lot: the next president's lasting impact on the Supreme Court. Just think about what it would mean for equal rights, for health care, for all the things we value if Mitt Romney gets to pick the next three, maybe four Justices?


“We need a President who won't take sides against ordinary Americans, just because they happened to be gay. President Obama has moved us forward, and he'll continue to build on that progress. The Romney/Ryan ticket isn’t a ticket that supports equality, and one that supports all kinds of intrusion into a person's private life. Romney openly opposed the repeal of “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” and Ryan voted to uphold the Defense Against Marriage Act. We won’t move forward under a Romney/Ryan administration, we will only go backwards, to a time that, frankly, is long behind us.

- Rick and Chris, Manchester, NH

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