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Story #25: Retired UNH professor knows you can't separate social issues from their economic toll


"I'm a retired UNH family studies professor, and as a result, I appreciate that topics like health insurance coverage, pay equity, and social security have been part of the national discussion this year. You know, none of these issues are simply 'women's issues' or 'seniors issues' that just that one group needs to be concerned about–they're the issues that shape our economy and our everyday lives. And that's why they're so important and that's why the President has made them such a huge priority."

"When half of the work force is underpaid solely because of their gender, that's impacting the economy in a big way. That's why President Obama took on fair pay his first week in office. When that same half of the population is charged more for health insurance, because insurance companies consider being a women a pre-exisiting condition, that's going to impact the economy, too. President Obama gets it–he knows that that you can't separate the social and economic issues here. He sees the whole picture–that's why his policies are the ones that are actually going to create an economy built to last."

"The President has proven his commitment to improving the lives of all Americans. He signed the the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act because he knows that when women are paid less than men, that's an unfair and unnecessary economic burden. Romney took a long time earlier this year to give just lukewarm support, and then he picked a running mate–Paul Ryan–who actually voted against the Fair Pay Act. He voted against fair pay! So, there's a contrast that couldn't be more clear: the President thinks you should have recourse when you're facing pay discrimination. His challengers just say, 'Sorry, you're on your own."

"I'm a core member of the volunteer team here in Dover because I want to do everything I possibly can to re-elect President Obama. The economy depends on it! Everyone who volunteers here has their reasons for being involved and that's what's so great about coming into the field office–meeting the other volunteers, seeing familiar faces, and working together to keep this country moving forward."

–Kristine, Dover volunteer


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