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Story #16: Paul and the union folks at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard see a clear choice

“As President of the Metal Trades Council at the Portsmouth Naval Ship Yard, I’ve had an opportunity to meet a lot of politicians; I just don't feel like I've encountered anyone with the same level of integrity and sincerity as President Obama. In 2008, we invited him and the rest of the presidential candidates to meet with our men and women at the yard and it became clear pretty quickly that this was somebody who really got our issues, this was the guy we needed to move forward.

"The President is still the right person for the job, the past four years have shown that. We're working hard for him and for our state candidates, too, because they stick to their guns. Mitt Romney isn't able to retain a given view on a single issue from week to week–beyond the overarching view that the folks at the top should play by whatever set of rules benefit them the most. That's not a balanced or responsible way to manage an economy, so I know what’s at stake for the men and women at our yard if Romney were to win in November.

"We're not a priority for Mitt Romney, so much so that he's even comfortable scapegoating union folks for the economic situation the President has spent his first term cleaning up. That's an assertion that has no basis in fact whatsoever. America works best when we work as a team. The President gets that, and that's why he wants an economy built from the middle out, not from the top down."

— Paul O'Connor, Exeter, NH

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