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Story #13: Noelle: "I can’t believe we’re still fighting for equality in 2012."


"Before the campaign, I volunteered as a crisis counselor and I’m an advocate for reproductive rights. I realized, that if President Obama isn’t re-elected, we’ll lose the progress we’ve made on these issues. That’s when I decided to focus my volunteer efforts on re-electing the president.

“One day at the OFA-NH office in Salem, people were joking about going door-to-door for the President on roller skates. We were joking around, but I decided it was an awesome idea, a good way to cover more ground. So, the next morning, I went out on my skates and I haven't looked back. Now, I actually keep skates in my car pretty much all the time in case I can take advantage of good weather to hit the doors."

"The skates aren't just about moving quickly, they're about being able to talk to more people about why I'm supporting the President. I'm not happy until I've knocked on about 150-200 doors a day. Just think how many doors we could reach if 3 or 4 of us piled into a car and canvassed a neighborhood on roller skates?"

“I’m in love with this campaign. I’ve just met the most fantastic people these past few months. Even when I work 14 hour days and I feel like I can’t keep my eyes open, I know that if I sleep in an extra hour I might miss out on talking to that one voter who could help keep New Hampshire blue.”

"Last night, I had the honor of introducing the President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards, at a phone bank at the Salem office. It was amazing to see someone who champions reproductive health rights working to re-elect the President. He has proven time and time again that he’s a strong advocate on issues close to my heart, from fighting for equal pay, ensuring access to birth control, allowing women to make their own health care decisions or supporting gay marriage."

"I can’t believe we’re still fighting for equality in 2012, but thankfully we have a President who is fighting along with us.”

–Noelle, Salem, NH


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