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Story #12: Michele and three generations of her family are pitching in


“This election will shape the direction our country takes, that’s why three generations of my family are here working for the President. We all do what we can to make a difference. I’m here in Salem making calls or canvassing during the week. My daughter is a canvass captain, she opens up her home for fellow volunteers to head out and canvass the neighborhood on weekends. My grand-daughter even made an appearance on the Women for Obama page! We volunteered in 2008, so I knew from the start that we’d be involved in helping re-elect President Obama.

“When I’m out knocking on doors and someone isn’t home, I like to leave a handwritten note. I think small gestures like a note from your neighbor really make a difference. It’s a great way to let people know that their vote matters.”

“Listening to the debates recently, President Obama has the right vision for our country. When you lift people up, the country moves forward together. That’s the American way. It’s true on the national scale for things like healthcare and education. But it’s also true on the local level. That’s why we’re talking to voters and making sure they know their plan for election day.”

–Michele, Salem, NH

Make A Plan

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