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Story #11: After more than a year of volunteering, Katelyn's still at it


"I started back in June of 2011 as a summer organizer and haven't stopped coming into the field office since. I first started volunteering for a different reason then why I continue to volunteer. I remember that when I first started volunteering, we were no where near having a Republican nominee. I became a summer organizer because of everything that the President had done that directly affected me, my family and my future. I got involved because I know President Obama has done so much for college students like me. By doubling Pell Grants and making school more affordable, graduating college is now an attainable dream for me."

"But now that Mitt Romney is the nominee, I'm really worried about my future. Romney does not want to move us forward, he will actually take us back to the same failed policies of the past. He's said the wants to repeal Obamacare. He's said that students should just borrow money from their parents if they're having a hard time paying for school. It's hard for me to imagine why someone that out of touch should be president of the United States. That's why I keep making phone calls and knocking doors."

"I know that every person involved can help make the difference. Re-electing the President is so important. People should get involved with the campaign because ensuring this President serves a second term is the only way to continue the progress we've made the past few years. This election is to important for people, especially students, to just stand by and watch. These last few days are so important!"

–Katelyn, Henniker, NH

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