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Story #10: Scott, a Vietnam vet from Andover, wants a president he knows he can trust

“A lot of people have cast blame on President Obama for not making change happen quickly enough. Those folks may not be remembering just how big the mess was when he took office in January 2009. I haven't forgotten, though. With an economy close to collapse and our armed forces fighting two wars, the choices he had to make weren't simple or easy. But our economy is growing, jobs are being created and one of those wars has ended responsibly. And it's still been less than four years.

"These are the things he said he would do, and he's done them. That's how I know I can trust President Obama, and that's important. The person who occupies the office of presidency has to be trustworthy. They have to be trustworthy as Commander in Chief and they have to be trustworthy in terms of their role as an executive here at home–and Mitt Romney just isn't trustworthy.

"Romney hasn't been up front with his investments, he won't come clean about the tax rate he pays, he mis-represents his record across the board, and for me, those things could not be bigger red flags. If he won't be honest with the American people about his financial practices, what else wouldn't he mind keeping from us as president?

"We've now heard from Romney on how he plans to create jobs. That's just an assertion he's making, because his actual record shows that he's good at earning a big bucks by dismantling business, outsourcing jobs, and laying off workers. That's not someone I want in the in the White House."

-- Scott, Andover, NH

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