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Story #1: Alexis: "I give as much time as I can to help re-elect the President."


"I was just 16 when my dad was diagnosed with cancer, it was the day my world came crashing down around me. I saw my dad, a man who was once so strong, suffering with an illness that I just couldn't understand. It was the toughest time of my life. To add to this challenge, I knew my dad wasn't just battling a life threatening illness, he was battling to save our home, battling to put food on our table."

"My dad was just like millions of other Americans, wasn't covered by health insurance — before the Affordable Care Act. Going untreated because we couldn’t afford to pay for his care would have cost him his life. Luckily, it didn’t come down to that. He got covered and because of other social programs we were able to pay our rent and put food on the table. My dad is now permanently disabled, so our reliance on these programs continues. It's a struggle sometimes, but these programs really have become a lifeline for my family."

"My teachers were such a great support system for me during my dad’s illness and I know there are lots of kids out there, going through what I went through. I’m in college working towards becoming a teacher because I know how much that support meant to me. But, I know I’m only able to be there because of funding from Pell Grants. I literally wouldn’t be in school without it. The President’s commitment to education is the reason I’m able to pursue a teaching career and help others, just like my teachers helped me."

"I give as much time as I can to help re-elect the President. It’s his support of social programs, the success of passing the Affordable Care Act, and his commitment to education that inspires me to volunteer. Being here, making calls and talking to voters about why I’m supporting the President, is the least I can do to thank him for supporting us."

- Alexis, Manchester NH

Volunteer on Election Day

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