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Story #19: Steve a professor at PSU wants everyone to get the facts before they vote this fall


“As a Professor of Social Work, I’m in a fortunate position–I have the facts about two issues close to my heart and central to my profession—health care and Social Security. It’s become increasingly clear that this election will turn on how many people learn the truth and have the information they need to counter the false arguments and claims coming from Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. I decided that I could play a role in talking to voters, and sharing the facts they need to know before they cast their ballot.”

“At 66, I’m eligible for Medicare and social security, and even though I don’t yet claim them, I want to know that until I do, we have someone protecting them. These programs were important for my parents and my wife’s parents, and I want them to be there for me and future generations. I’m also concerned about the millions of people without health care coverage. Repealing the Affordable Care Act would be a disaster for them and also undermine Medicare.”

“I have spoken to many seniors who are fully aware of what this election means for them. Only last week I spoke with a 93 year old woman who will be voting absentee in November; she wants a President who is fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security, not looking at ways to undermine them. She supports the president.

I know how important it is to keep talking to voters, to continue to talk about the facts to those who need to hear them. I’m going to continue to play my part over the next 19 days.”

–Steve, volunteer from Canterbury


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