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Stepping Up in California: Whatever It Takes


Dedicated OFA California volunteer Roz R. is no stranger to working long hours under pressing deadlines, and there is no deadline more crucial than November 6th, when America decides if we will continue to move forward. Roz has dedicated her free time to supporting President Obama’s re-election.

Any free time I have before the election, I’m here. The race is really tight, and we have to win. We worked too hard in 2008 to elect a President who truly represents me, my friends, and all Americans, we can’t let that slip through our fingers now.

Roz is an important part of the Get Out the Vote effort in San Francisco. As a Phone Bank Coordinator, Roz stays busy running phone banks and training callers, from seasoned volunteers to out-of-towners passing by who want to lend a hand.

Sometimes in California we think there isn’t much we can do because our state is so blue, but that’s just not true. Our GOTV phone banks are so exciting! It’s wonderful to have so many people together here making calls to battleground states - the energy is great now that even more people are showing up throughout the day.

Although Roz focuses most of her energy on training new callers, she often steps up and hits the phones herself, making those crucial GOTV calls on behalf of the President:

It’s so rewarding to connect with voters all over the country.

No matter if you’re an experienced phonebanker or a supporter looking to get involved for the home stretch, now is the time for everyone to step up to the plate. Find a GOTV staging location in your neighborhood, grab some friends, and get to work!

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