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We did it—a big step forward on climate

I get pretty excited when I get to write with good news—and this is some really great news:

For years now, the deniers and the naysayers have argued that President Obama couldn't lead the world to an ambitious global agreement on climate change. Well now, he just did. On Saturday, for the first time in history, nearly every country in the world agreed to do their part in tackling climate change.

This is a major victory. We knew that if we fought for the Clean Power Plan and for growing clean energy, and against the lies and misinformation of the climate change deniers, we would win.

This isn't the end of the road, or all that we'll need to do—climate change is affecting us every day, and the polluters and special interests are still going to try and block progress every chance they get.

But this historic accord marks a watershed moment in the fight against climate change—and it's one we can all be proud of.

Thanks for everything you've done in this fight, and for what's to come—say you're ready for it.

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