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24 states are blocking millions from access to affordable care

If you care about health care reform, this is a big one. One of the ways the Affordable Care Act provides access to health coverage is by expanding Medicaid to millions more Americans.

However, 24 states—thanks to leaders playing political games with Obamacare—are still blocking this expansion, and 5.7 million Americans have been locked out from access to affordable health care.

That's wrong, and we're going to make sure folks know about it. Share this map to spread the word:

You already know that Obamacare is helping tens of millions today—8 million signed up for private insurance through the marketplace, more than 3 million young adults can stay on their parents' plans, and anyone who has insurance now has basic rights and protections under the law.

Part of the success of the law is the millions of people who are now covered thanks to Medicaid expansion in the 26 states that didn't stand in the way.

It's just unfair to think someone who lives in Texas would be eligible for Medicaid, if they only lived in Kentucky. But because of where they happen to live and who happens to be in charge of their state, they're locked out from access to affordable care.

We're asking OFA supporters to do just one thing for the 5.7 million Americans who could get access to coverage if their state leadership put people over politics. Spread the word:

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