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State Representative Norton Offers Support and Inspiration on Weekly Call


Submitted by Han, Digital Media Lead & Community Organizer based in New Orleans

On Monday night, community organizers, team leaders and summer organizers were honored to have Louisiana State Representative Barbara Norton from Shreveport join the weekly state-wide conference call.

Once a volunteer for the '08 Obama election campaign herself, Rep. Norton offered inspirational words of support for the vital role that volunteers and community organizers play in the 2012 campaign.

“We know without a doubt that Louisiana will continue to lead the way because there are so many people here who are doing so [much] great work, and I am just honored to be part of their great work,” she says to the volunteers and leaders on the call. “I just want to say that I know without a doubt that we won't let President Barack Obama down.”

As community representatives of President Obama and the Democratic Party, Rep. Norton goes on to explain that we must continue to show that “Louisiana is with [President Obama] not just today, not just yesterday, but we are with him all the way until we get another win with another 'Yes we can.'”

Rep. Norton, thank you for your inspiration and support. We’re glad to have you "In" all the way with Louisiana community organizers and the 2012 campaign.


At the top of every week, all community organizers and team leaders from across Louisiana hop on a call to celebrate our progress, strategize, and position our teams to win in 2012. Would you like to join the team? Contact us now.

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