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Start With Someone You Know

This campaign has always been about us. It has been about bringing new voices into the political process, and that’s exactly what Autumn C., of Cleveland Heights did when she received a call from her local organizer. Autumn has been an active and vocal supporter of President Obama, so when she was asked to meet with the local organizer to share her ideas of how best to reach out to folks in the weeks and months ahead, she not only jumped at the chance, but she asked if she could invite along her relative, Crystal.


Autumn is in for 2012 — when she will be voting for the first time — and she did the most important, and often easiest thing any of us can do: she invited someone she knew to join her. In addition, Crystal is now in for 2012, and she too has been reaching out to her friends and family, asking that they join her.


The grassroots movement that began in 2007 and 2008 was possible because we sat down at our kitchen tables and talked about the issues that were important to us. The major accomplishments of the Obama Administration, like the Affordable Care Act, were possible because we talked to our neighbors and family and friends about how these reforms would benefit all of us. And in 2011 and 2012, this grassroots movement will continue to grow even stronger than ever before. And it will all begin simply because we each invited someone we know to join us.

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