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Standing with President Obama this Passover

This weekend, Jewish New Yorkers of all stripes will gather at Seder tables to celebrate Passover, recalling their ancestors’ miraculous Exodus from Egypt. For the fourth year, President Obama will host a Seder at the White House—the first President to do so—in a tradition that began in 2008 when then-Senator Obama joined a group of his staffers at an impromptu Seder in a hotel basement.

While Passover is a time to honor our heritage, as a Jewish New Yorker I know that I also have a critical role to play in our future. With the 2012 election getting into full-swing, it’s important that Jewish voters across New York and the country know the truth about President Obama’s strong record of support for Israel [insert link to Jewish fact sheet] so they can separate fact from fiction.

And the simple truth is this—any voter concerned with Israel’s fate who tuned in to the 2012 AIPAC conference, or heard the President speak at the United Nations, knows that President Obama stands with Israel in both word and deed.

So this Passover, when the final glass of Manischewitz is drained and the ceremony draws to a close with “L'shanah haba'ah b'Yerushalayim (next year in Jerusalem),” let’s redouble our efforts to stand with President Obama, who has never wavered from standing with us. Join in today at Jewish Americans for Obama.

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