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Standing up for health care

Juliet, Mary and their three children were strong supporters of President Obama during the 2008 campaign, and have just as much faith in him now as they ever did.

Based in Ann Arbor, Juliet and Mary both work in the health care field. Working with safety-net hospitals across the country, they are grateful that President Obama has fought for comprehensive health reform.

Juliet explains -

“When people say, ‘Anyone can get care in an emergency room’ it’s true, but what they don’t understand is that everyone hasn’t had access to the same kind of care or the continuity of care those with insurance have. President Obama gets that if we stand up for health care that is affordable and fair, the burden would not be so great on any individual or group of people.”

Juliet and her family own a life-size stand-up of the President, which they proudly display in their living room.

“The love of President Obama runs deep in our house, because we know our family has access to a happier and healthier future.”

Say you're with the President on the Affordable Care Act.

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