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Standing up for comprehensive immigration reform

Our broken immigration system costs $37 million every day, so OFA supporters sent a message to lawmakers: Reform can't wait. Volunteers spoke up in communities to send a message to Speaker Boehner and House leadership that their inaction is unacceptable.

Check out a couple of those events:

Ellis Island, New York—When OFA-NY’s Manu Iyer and OFA-VA’s Eddie Seay met at an OFA training in Chicago last year, they bonded over shared values, a devotion to OFA's work, and a desire to see comprehensive immigration reform passed. New Yorkers and Virginians teamed up, gathering on Ellis Island to share personal stories and celebrate the freedom and opportunity America is built on.

Racine, Wisconsin—Volunteers delivered a letter to Representative Paul Ryan's office to request a meeting to discuss putting pressure on Speaker Boehner to hold a vote on reform.

San Diego, California—Volunteers held signs outside of the Federal Building in downtown San Diego.

Comprehensive immigration reform would create 3.2 million jobs, reduce our federal deficit by over $800 billion, and strengthen Social Security. More than a year after the Senate passed a bill with a bipartisan majority, House leadership's failure to bring a vote is unacceptable.

On Monday, June 30, President Obama announced a plan to take executive action to move some parts of immigration reform forward. "While I will continue to push House Republicans to drop the excuses and act—and I hope their constituents will too—America cannot wait forever for them to act," he said.

Making your voice heard matters—send lawmakers a message about the cost of inaction.
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