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Tell Congress: #StandWith our future

With all the political debate, it's easy to forget that immigration reform is ultimately about people—friends, family members, neighbors, students, DREAMers and immigrants past and future. As August comes to a close and lawmakers prepare to head back to Washington, supporters are taking today to remind Congress why this issue matters so much to so many people.

The #StandWith campaign is a chance for you to add your unique voice to the fight for immigration reform. It’s time for Congress to stand with the majority of Americans and get this done.

Print out a #StandWith sign and add your reason for why it’s time. Or you can get creative with your own sign. Then submit your photo, tweet it, post it to Facebook—show others why we need immigration reform to happen.

Already, hundreds of people have submitted their photos. Here's a look at just a few of the most recent:


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