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Stacy. Franklin and Cahuenga. Chocolate Coconut.

“My name is Stacy. I live near Franklin and Cahuenga. And my favorite ice cream is Chocolate Coconut.”

That was the simple but incredibly fun ice-breaker at the Silverlake Neighborhood Team Kickoff Party held last week at Charlie’s house. Little oohs and ahhs would spread throughout the room every time someone divulged their favorite frozen treat. Did you know they make saffron and pistachio ice cream? It was Marcy’s favorite and now I can’t wait to buy some!

There were over thirty people including the West Hollywood Neighborhood Team Leader, several Fall Fellows, our amazing Regional Field Organizers Juan and Lisa and our dedicated Regional Field Director Konstantin. Our host Charlie exercised his DJ skills and everyone took pictures in front of the big Obama poster on the wall.

Lisa and Juan

The event was a potluck; from a decadent mousse pie topped with orange slices to blueberry-covered cheese with crackers, the food was just as eclectic as the people and conversations. Phyllis, who is currently recovering from back surgery, made two large dishes of lasagna from scratch! Tamra brought her famous meatballs because “it’s not a party if there aren’t meatballs.”

As we all noshed and mingled, I met an Iraq war veteran who told me about her 2004 ballot being handed back to her after she returned home. She never found out why it didn’t get mailed and now makes a point to go to the polls in person for every election. Another woman Alex, who drove an hour to attend the kick-off party, talked about her hopes of mobilizing Latino voters. And Charlie reminded us that August was the first casualty-free month in Iraq.

A bit later Juan and Lisa gathered everyone in the living room and talked about the goals of the campaign, specifically the number 270. They asked what the number represented. A volunteer in the back yelled, “calories in ice cream!” But we all knew 270 is the number of electoral votes President Obama needs to win the election. Using volunteers from the audience to hold up pictures of states and electoral votes, Juan and Lisa showed us all where we need to focus our energy and how we can win 2012.


Charlie wrapped it up with an invigorating speech about the importance of moving forward with President Obama’s vision for the country, ending with “Yes we can!” The Silverlake party was a resounding success. We had volunteers signing up for our many upcoming events, including weekend trips to help register voters in Nevada.

We are now looking ahead to our Los Feliz Kick-Off Party and can’t wait to meet all the amazing Los Feliz Obama supporters. Join us on Sunday Oct. 30th at 2pm at Carlos and Wallace’s house to meet and mingle with your neighbors.

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