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St. Louis delivers lesson on climate change

On Tuesday OFA volunteers delivered Climate Change Denier Awards to more than a hundred members of Congress who refuse to accept the science on climate change. Here's a report from one of those events.

OFA St. Louis Chapter members and supporters conducted a successful climate change day of action event at Rep. Ann Wagner's office. Some of the speakers included Ken, our chapter's climate change lead, and Hodi, a recent graduate and passionate climate change activist.

Hodi shared information on the impact climate change is already having on our state. As a young man, Hodi is concerned about the growing effects of climate change on his and future generations.

Ken explained how we arrived at today's event, starting with President Obama's call on lawmakers to pass "bipartisan, market-based" climate change legislation during his State of the Union address. Ken also explained that our representative is just one of 135 members of Congress who have been identified as "climate change deniers."

The "Climate Denier Award" we presented to Rep. Wagner is not the end of the story—it's a way to raise awareness about her positions and pressure her to take action. We hope that Rep. Wagner and her staff will agree to meet with members of her constituency regarding her position on climate change and will agree to support climate change legislation. The issue is too important to ignore any longer.

Want to help us keep the pressure on climate deniers in Congress? Stand with President Obama, and tell them you demand action on climate change.

Demand action on climate change

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James Page, St. Louis chapter leader