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Spotlight on a Summer Organizer

Welcome to a new weekly feature on the OFA CT page! Each week we will put the spotlight on a different Summer Organizer.

Evan Brown

My name is Evan, and I’m from Guilford, Connecticut.

A rising sophomore at American University, I’m studying political science and economics. At school, I’m a part of the School of Public Affairs Leadership Program and College Democrats. I’m also heavily involved in local politics, and worked on a campaign to get a 19-year old student elected to public office.

Until the next election cycle comes around in DC, I’ll be working for DC Students Speak, advocating for the rights of students in the District. Even if I wasn’t working with the 2012 campaign this summer, I would definitely be involved with Democratic politics in some regard.

I joined the Obama campaign because I believe in the President, and I support the reform and changes that he has enacted over his first term in office. His work is not yet done. As supporters, it is our job to bring his message to others, interact with voters, hear their concerns, and build the best campaign possible to help the President win the second term he very much deserves.

The challenges this nation faces remain daunting, and it is up to us to ensure the President can continue to fight for and support this country. Election Day isn’t for another fifteen months, but the time to mobilize is now. It won’t always be easy, but we can and we will build the grassroots, organize support, and keep President Obama in the White House.

I will be organizing in and around Guilford this summer. To join my team or a team across the state sign up here.

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