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Speaking truth to climate deniers

"I absolutely do not believe in the science of man-caused climate change" —Republican Senator Ron Johnson

In more than 50 events across the country, OFA supporters took the fight to combat climate change directly to their members of Congress yesterday. Too many elected officials still refuse to acknowledge the science or the growing danger of climate change , and yesterday's actions were a chance for volunteers to speak truth to those deniers while providing support for members of Congress who recognize the need to act.

Most events consisted of office visits or press conferences, but supporters also conducted phone banks and letter to the editor writing parties. All of the events were the result of recent planning sessions where volunteers met to discuss how best to draw attention to this issue in their communities.

In Milwaukee, supporters pressed Republican Senator Ron Johnson to acknowledge that the overwhelming judgement of science is that climate change is real, it's caused largely by human activities, and it poses significant risks both now and in the future.

Afterward, one of the organizers, Paul Geenen, said:

"Everyone had a great time yesterday and walked away from the press conference excited and motivated to do something about climate change. After the event was finished, many hung around and chatted. One person asked, 'If Republicans are so concerned about the impact of the national debt on their children and grandchildren, why are they not just as concerned about the impact of climate change on their children and grandchildren?'"
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Christopher Hass