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Speaker Boehner: What are you waiting for?

Did you hear what Speaker John Boehner said? He told press last week that he can't pass immigration reform right now. That's a load of bull.

Last summer, 68 senators—from both parties—voted to pass comprehensive reform. And by most counts, more than enough members of the House have said they'd support that exact bill. That means it could pass any day, if only House leaders would bring it up for a vote.

Once again, Speaker Boehner is letting an extreme segment of his party run the entire House of Representatives. We saw that happen when they shut down the government in October, and now they're back at it again, standing in the way of immigration reform. Every day the House doesn't act costs American families money and jobs.

The truth is more than eight in 10 Americans support a comprehensive approach to reform, and Speaker Boehner has a bill in front of him right now that would create jobs, reduce the deficit, and grow the economy. Instead, Speaker Boehner is trying to blame the President for the House's inaction.

Tweet @SpeakerBoehner right now and ask him what he's waiting for—make sure he knows the #CostOfInaction.

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